What to know about Google's new VPN service

A Virtual Private Network allows users to stay protected by using an encrypted internet connection. There are several VPN service providers, some which are free, while some are paid for. Now Google has its own. While technically it already had one, it was only available for android smartphone users with a Google Fi cellular subscription.

Google has now announced that it will now be providing a VPN service free of charge for users subscribed to any 2TB or higher plan. The service will initially be available to Android customers, with the service being expanded to users of Windows, Mac, and iOS in the coming months. The service will also be made available in other countries in a few months. While it is free, users will be required to be subscribed to the 2TB plan at a monthly cost of $9.99 or $99 per year.

How VPN works

Browsers and apps communicate frequently.

However, since some apps and browser may be outdated or using inferior encryption methods, hackers may be able to intercept or modify your data. This means some sites or apps may compromise your privacy. However, when you enable a VPN service, your data goes through an encrypted tunnel to ensure hackers cannot intercept or modify it. While various VPN providers will have their own security features, some are stronger and more reliable than others.

Google uses an advanced security system to tunnel information through its secure global servers to ensure data from users is safe and secure.

Why you need an online VPN protection

In this era of technological advancements, more and more people are using the internet. While users are always being encouraged to adopt safe internet protocols to ensure they are safe, hackers are also becoming more sophisticated. They can use clever sophisticated means to target users and steal their personal information. Even while you may be using protection such as Antimalware or an Antivirus, hackers may still find ways to bypass these security features.

A VPN service adds an extra layer of online protection to ensure your data is safe. With this new service by Google for Android phones, all the traffic to your Android phone is encrypted no matter the browser or app you are using. This means that even while gambling at a legit and secure site such as Leo Vegas, the VPN service will be giving an extra layer of protection to ensure your connection is safe from hackers. In addition to this service, Google is also introducing Pro Sessions where users can chat with an expert to learn more about how to make the most of VPN services to stay safe online.

What you will be getting from this service

By using a private and encrypted connection, users will be able to protect themselves from hackers when using unsecured networks such as public Wi-Fi.

This VPN service will also enable users to hide their IP addresses. This is to prevent 3rd parties from tracking a user's location. Every user needs to ensure their online privacy and security. Google's VPN services will start to be publicly audited in 2021 to ensure they comply with data regulations.

By having a built-in advanced security system, users can remain anonymous when using the internet. One of the highlights of this VPN service by Google is that it is fast, meaning you will always be enjoying fast internet speeds even while your VPN is running. The service is also seamless and easy to use. All it requires is just a tap to enable the VPN.

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