Dropshipping explained in simple terms

In Côte d'Ivoire, the internet penetration rate is estimated at 19% according to a recent report by Hootsuite (2019). Although lower than the average for developed countries (between 67 and 88 per cent), this percentage bodes well for Ivorians of all backgrounds.connected to the Internet, the average person has access to a host of professional opportunities. Whether they choose to work for an online agency or become their own boss, the choices are limitless, and if you attend the conferences and seminars given here and there, you can't escape all the publicity surrounding the dropshipping business model. It's one of the easiest ways to achieve financial independence, but have you noticed how difficult it can be to find simple explanations for familiar terms? The phenomenon is even worse when it comes to anglicisms .

What is dropshipping?

Strictly speaking, there are no French terms that can be translated as dropshipping.

Some websites, such as Wikipedia, use the term "direct delivery" as an alternative to this Anglo-Saxon term. To put it simply, dropshipping is a sales system involving three parties instead of the usual two. The customer (or consumer) places an order on the seller's (or distributor's) e-commerce site, which then transmits this information to the wholesaler (or distributor). The distributor is responsible for preparing the packages and sending them to the customer.

At first glance, a first advantage is obvious for salespeople... Have you guessed which one? If not, it doesn't matter. If you read the following bet, you'll know why dropshipping is so popular.

Why has dropshipping become so popular?

As an entrepreneur, there are plenty of reasons to go dropshipping. You can sell to the whole world without having to cross the borders of the Ivory Coast, the profit margins are interesting especially after conversion into West African Francs, etc.

But if you only have to cite two main reasons, the low financial risk and the lack of logistics will be at the top. With a classic e-commerce site, you have to buy the merchandise that you display in the window. One of the main advantages of dropshipping is that you don't have to take that risk anymore. At no time do you store goods.

Until they are sold, the items remain the property of the seller. Once purchased, they go directly into the hands of the consumer, and there is no logistical pressure. How many times have you pulled your hair out at the thought of a package getting lost along the way? Filled with fear, you've always been afraid to go to your local post office to send a parcel out of the country. With dropshipping, these problems no longer arise.

The suppliers take care of sending the goods while you count your tickets.

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